Clare Hollingworth, journalist who broke news of WWII, dies at 105

By: Nicholas Cardona

The journalist behind the scoop of the century has died.

British journalist Clare Hollingworth broke the news of the impending Nazi invasion of Poland that marked the start of World War II.

Hollingworth died in Hong Kong on Tuesday.

She was working as a rookie reporter for the Daily Telegraph when she noticed German forces gathering on the Polish border in 1939.

The headline from that story read, "1,000 tanks massed on Polish border. Ten divisions reported ready for swift strike."

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Just three days later, the Nazi's officially launched their blitzkrieg and Hollingworth had the scoop.

Before becoming a reporter, she made headlines in 1932 when she arranged British visas for thousands of people under the control of Hitler's forces.

Clare Hollingworth was 105 years old.