Woman gives birth to baby with two heads

Conjoined twins who were born last week in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, have tragically died.

Relatives posted a video of the baby boys to YouTube on Jan. 6.

The short video shows the newborns, who shared one body, with tubes leading to their noses. One of them can be heard crying, while the other, though visibly upset, cannot.

Mexican news station Canal Cuarenta Cuatro said the twins were in stable condition just a few days after birth, but sadly, they took a turn for the worse.

Local news website LaredNoticias.com reports that the twins died, but no further details were released by the Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social or Mexico's Institute of Social Security which confirmed the death to the outlet.

Conjoined twins are extremely rare, and according to the University of Maryland Medical Center, they account for one in every 200,000 births.