The world's safest airlines revealed

By Emily Drooby, Buzz60

Have a fear of flying?

Well rest easy by booking your next flight on one of these airlines.

Airline released a list of the safest airlines in the world - and jetting to the top of the 425 airline list is Qantas. This Australian airline can thank their placement on their fatality-free record in the jet era.

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And while they only ranked the first spot, they did pick 19 other airlines to round out the top 20, including Alaska Airlines - which was also recently named one of the best airlines for punctuality.

Delta airlines snagged a spot too, and they also recently improved their in-flight complimentary food.

Maybe it's that trustworthy face or just great planes but the airline conceived by Richard Branson's - Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Australia made's list too.

British Airways, Hawaiian Airlines, Japan Airlines, and United Airlines are a good bet.

And if you love a bargain - the top safest low-cost airlines were also ranked- with JetBlue, Virgin America and Westjet all making the list.