In a science first, giant wild tarantula found feasting on an even bigger snake

Ever have one of those days where you could eat just about anything and lots of it?

It appears giant tarantulas have that urge from time to time as well.

In what is believed to be a scientific first, researchers working in Serra do Caverá, Brazil, observed one of the regions' hand-sized arachnids chowing down on a foot-long snake, reports Live Science.

Though there is documentation of the large tarantulas, which are officially named Grammostola quirogai, gorging on similar meals in the past, those events took place in labs and were orchestrated by researchers.

This time around, the spider acted alone.

The scientists who witnessed the event believe the snake unwittingly ended up on the tarantula's turf.

The researchers note that "the snake...was found dead, with severe damage to the anterior and middle regions of its body. The spider was feeding on these areas; therefore, they were in an advanced stage of decomposition due to the extracorporeal digestion process carried out by [the] arachnid."

The observation occurred in late October of 2015, but a study on the event was published only recently.

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