Editor's Book Club: 5 books you must read this week

We all love a good Netflix binge, but there are few things better than a Sunday in bed curled up with a good book. Finding the perfect read is not always easy though. With so many books out there, it's hard to narrow down what is worth the read. These 5 new-releases have been on the radar here at AOL.

With her weight being a constant struggle, Oprah Winfrey shares the recipes that allowed her to find joy in eating healthy.
This young adult fiction novel is all about a forbidden romance. Siobhan Davis created a page-turner that people can't stop talking about. 
Paul Oberschneider shares his 16 principles of success in this new book about the paths that lead him to find unique and rewarding business ventures. 
With a deep desire for answers, the author shares her journey of surviving a botched abortion in this Amazon best-selling memoir. 
New York Times bestselling author,Lorelei James shares a sultry, romantic novel that you will not be able to put down. 

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