Woman's innocent selfie goes horribly wrong


Twitter user Alyssa Bordelon shared a seemingly innocent photo of herself to the social media website -- and it didn't take long for people to notice something strange in the background.

Her room is a total mess. Or a step past that and on its way to revolting.

Twitter users shared a series of jokes, pointing out the fact that though Bordelon looks completely put-together, her bedroom is the exact opposite.

She received quite a bit of backlash from people who said that the way your room looks is a reflection of personal hygiene.

Others just started pointing out strange items on her floor, like a bag of nickels and a bunch of spilled marshmallows.

One user even thought there was a mouse in the background.

Instead of just cleaning her room after receiving all that backlash, Bordelon started a GoFundMe page called "Pay My Tuition and I'll Clean My Room."

"If I reach my goal ($10,000 = 1 year of tuition at my school), I will quit my second job and devote my life to cleanliness," the page says.

Hopefully the enterprising young woman finds the time and money to take a break and clean her surroundings before any other "critters" appear.

See how other people reacted to the dirty room: