Waitress receives note instead of tip: 'Great service don't tip black people'

Controversy has erupted over a racist message that was allegedly written on a restaurant receipt in Virginia, notes the Daily Mail.

The incident is said to have occurred on January 7 at an establishment called Anita's in Ashburn.

An image of the receipt posted online shows a line drawn through the tip section and a message at the bottom stating, "great service don't tip black people."

In an interview with WRC, Kelly Carter, the African-American waitress who served the customer, said, "It was just total shock."

She also added, "I looked at the receipt three times, that's what I did, cause I was shocked because I've never, never—being a server—seen that."

Meanwhile, the restaurant's owner, Tom Tellez, said, "I was appalled. Though it's kind of in line with the political landscape, unfortunately."

A crowdfunding campaign has since been launched to benefit Carter.

Despite the support she has received, critics have expressed skepticism about the incident on Twitter; some have called it "fake news" and a "hoax" while others claim she wrote the message herself.

Tellez stands by the original account, saying, "It's real. It did happen."