Man ignites controversy with complaint about women's pajamas

One British man's online complaint about women's pajamas has sparked a serious debate.

Last week, Chris Cooke shared a photo of two women wearing pajamas as they shopped at Tesco, a British grocery store.

The Salford, UK, native posted the image to Tesco's Facebook wall with a now-deleted message, according to Mashable:

"Dear Tesco, please can you put a rule in place that people like this will not be served in your stores. It's bloody disgusting. This was at 7pm last night at your Tesco Salford store and I have seen other people dressed similar on a regular basis. I mean who doesn't have the time to get changed into clothes to go shopping."

Disgruntled commenters quickly fired back at him.

By Friday, the post had gone viral, and the hashtag hashtag #Pyjamas -- which is the British spelling of "pajamas" -- began trending.

Many people were upset that this was a topic of discussion at all.

Others think it's an important conversation to have and wearing pajamas in public violates human decency.

A Tesco spokesperson gave Mashable an official statement:

"We do not have a formal dress code in our stores and colleagues use their common sense and discretion when speaking to customers about this issue."

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