Man dressed as Waldo turns himself in after evading cops, dogs and helicopters

Police in Yorkshire, England, have finally answered the age-old question of "where's Waldo?" as their suspect turned himself in while dressed as the hard-to-find character.

"Waldo" was actually 30-year-old JJ McMenamin, who took on the persona of the titular children's book hero as he evaded police and streamed himself live on Facebook before eventually giving up to authorities.

Police were reportedly searching for McMenamin after he skipped a court date for alleged driving offenses.

McMenamin, who knew police were after him, changed his profile picture on Facebook to a Photoshopped picture of his face on the animated body of Waldo.

He posted a series of other Waldo-themed posts on the page to taunt police, according to reports.

On Saturday police dispatched search dogs and helicopters to capture McMenamin after he slipped out of their fingers once again when they showed up at his house to take him in, reports said.

"On Saturday they tried to block me in on my front in my mate's car and I evaded them and the dogs," McMenamin told "I jumped out my mate's jeep [and] ran through two back gardens jumping fences."

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McMenamin then, however, decided to turn himself Monday morning, recording his ride to the station in full Waldo gear.

In the video he told his Facebook followers: "I'm right outside the cop shop now."

"A 30-year-old man from Middleham has been arrested after he handed himself in to officers at Harrogate Police Station," a spokeswoman from North Yorkshire Police said.