Baltimore man sparks police standoff over grilled cheese sandwich

An upset Baltimore man, Daniel Brian Blackwell, 55, triggered an hours-long standoff with police after opening fire in his home because someone took a bite out of his grilled cheese sandwich.

Baltimore County officers were called to at the home in Dunkirk, Maryland in response to a reported domestic incident later Sunday evening, Baltimore County police spokesman Cpl. Shawn Vinson told WBAL-TV.

Blackwell's wife and three children emerged from the home on East Baltimore street and told cops shot were fired.

Fortunately, neither were struck by gunfire.

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"Apparently, the man had made a grilled cheese sandwich and either the wife or the daughter, we're not exactly sure who, but somebody, one of the females in the house, took a bite of his sandwich, and apparently, that enraged him to the point that he fired shots in the house," said Vinson.

Despite being equipped with a ammunition holster around his waist, police say Blackwell retreated the house peacefully after barricading himself inside the home for nearly four hours.

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Shortly after being taken into custody, Blackwell was taken to a local hospital and given a psych evaluation.

Blackwell has been charged with attempted first- and second- degree murder, first- and second-degree assault, reckless endangerment and various firearms violations.