Woman who had foot amputated due to cancer keeps it for funny photos

When Kristil Loyall told her doctor she wanted to keep her foot, he thought she was joking.

In 2011, 25-year-old Loyall noticed that her pinky toe was going numb and after numerous doctor's visits and surgery to have a bump removed from her foot, doctors told her she had cancer in her foot and lower leg in April.

She'd have to have it amputated just a week later and asked her doctor if she could get her foot back.

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See some of Loyall's photos:

"The doctor thought I was joking but I was serious and was like 'No, I really do want it back,'" Loyall told InsideEdition.com.

And a month later, she was able to pick up her foot in a red bio-hazard bag from the hospital.

She decided to send the foot to a "Skulls Unlimited", which de-fleshes and articulates bones, and just four months later she had her foot as a keepsake.

"I was really happy I thought it was the coolest thing ever," Loyall said. "My cousins friend had the idea of starting an Instagram and I thought it was brilliant idea."

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Her Instagram "@onefootwander" was then born.

Loyall started posting funny images with her foot in random places.

"I just started taking it to places and putting in it funny positions so I could make a joke about. - It makes me feel better to be able to look on the funny side of things and make other people laugh as well. Everything that comment's says really kind things," Loyall said.

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