Queen Elizabeth makes first public appearance since coming down with heavy cold

Britain's Queen Elizabeth made her first public appearance at church on Sunday after a heavy cold forced to cancel her traditional Christmas celebration late last year.

The queen was cheered on by well-wishers at St. Mary Magdalene Church near her rural Sandringham estate as she arrived alongside her husband Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh. Other family members, including the queen's grandson Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton, formally known as the Duchess of Cambridge, attended the service as well.

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The queen's office confirmed that she had resumed her royal duties earlier in the week when she presented an honor during a private ceremony, but also noted that she was still recovering from the severe cold.

The 90-year-old monarch's illness had sparked rumors about her health and the possibility that she may step down from her role and allow someone else in her family to take the reins. The queen, and her husband, landed on at least one list predicting famous deaths in 2017.

Many outlets have explored the potential fallout such a move -- or perhaps even her death -- would bring, especially amid the still uncertain Brexit process.

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The queen's first appearance came on the same day that Prime Minister Theresa May gave a major television interview in which she promised that details on the Brexit process would be released in the coming weeks.

British discussions with the European Union over the impending split are expected to begin as early as April of this year.