Cousin of the notorious Menendez brothers speaks out about molestation claims

By: Elizabeth Keatinge

A cousin of the Menendez brothers is shedding new light on the infamous Beverly Hills murder case.

The brothers were accused of brutally killing their parents, Jose and Kitty, in 1989.

A cousin of Lyle and Erik, who were 18 and 21 at the time of the murders, tells ABC News that the brothers' claims that their father was molesting them was something they had shared with her.

Look back at this notorious case:

Diane Vander Molen alleges when she was spending the summer with the boys in 1976, Lyle, then just 8 years old, told her he feared sleeping in his own bed because his father was touching him inappropriately.

"I know that they would never, ever have done what they did unless they felt that they had no choice," Vander Molen told ABC News.

The brothers' molestation claims were central in the sensational 1993 trial. They stand by these claims more than two decades later.

The pair was convicted of shooting and killing their parents in a second trial in 1996, and each are serving two consecutive life sentences.

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