Paul Ryan's logo sparks debate over stark resemblance to Nazi symbol

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan recently ignited Twitter after he called out newly-elected Congressman Roger Marshall's dabbing teen son during a photo op.

Well, it seems the top Republican has just been thrust back into the social media spotlight.

A mere two days after the aforementioned dabbing incident, he has set Twitter ablaze yet again -- this time, with his logo.

As Twitter user Eric Vespe has pointed out, Ryan's eagle icon bears an unfortunate resemblance to another infamous logo from history -- namely, the national symbol of Adolf Hitler's Third Reich.

Check it out for yourself.

Here's Ryan's logo:


And here's Hitler's:


While it's likely that the similarity is just a coincidence, Twitter users are, none-the-less, running wild with speculations.

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Paul Ryan's logo sparks social media backlash
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Paul Ryan's logo sparks social media backlash
Paul Ryan's new logo looks awfully familiar
Huh... @SpeakerRyan might want to reconsider his logo...
@kngWZRD @bonfimer @GoosePimples_ @SpeakerRyan yep. I respect Speaker Ryan, just don't think this version of the design was well thought out
@bonfimer @GoosePimples_ @EricVespe @SpeakerRyan I don't think they're likening him to Hitler, the similarities of emblems is just uncanny
Paul Ryan's official logo vs. the Parteiadler, official emblem of the Nazi party.
Paul Ryan's new logo reminds me of something but I just can't place it... (yes, this is really his logo)
Just send this image to any idiot in your timeline complaining about speaker ryan's logo
It's the U.S. House of Representatives mace, folks.
i mean really. it's this. stop being dumb.
whelp, we've all had our fun Paul Ryan is an execrable human being but the speaker's logo is older than the Nazis

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