Mother reunites with family 40 years after her 'death'

An extraordinary reunion has occurred in Kanpur, India, with two daughters coming face-to-face with their mother who they thought had died 40 years prior.

The Times of India is reporting that when the mother was 42-years old, she was bitten by a cobra snake.

The family took her to a healer, but his efforts reportedly failed.

Oddity Central notes that "thinking she had died, her family wrapped the woman's body in cloth, placed it on a wooden float and released into the sacred Ganges river, hoping it would bring her to life."

However, a man later found her downstream, alive and with no memory of who she was or what had happened to her, notes the Indian Express.

The media outlet reports that about four decades later, recollections of her previous life started to come back, and eventually, someone from her village was able to identify her.

The Times of India reports that the 82-year-old woman showed up at the family home, with one of the daughters saying, "We immediately recognised her from a birthmark."

It was then that her children learned she had not died after the snakebite but, instead, had likely simply lost consciousness.

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