Washington Post makes embarrassing error in cover story on Women's March on Washington

During inauguration weekend, around 200,000 people are predicted to attend the Women's March on Washington. The march, which will serve as an anti-Trump protest, began on Facebook.

The march is the latest cover story of Washington Post's lifestyle magazine, Express. On Thursday, Express' Twitter account shared the cover in a now-deleted tweet:

Credit: Twitter

For the women's march, Express used the "male" symbol as opposed to the "female" symbol. Twitter immediately bombarded the account with backlash:

Express soon deleted the cover tweet and apologized subsequently -- in another now-deleted tweet:

Express misspelled "erroneously," but quickly fixed the mistake:

Almost as quickly, Express shared their new cover with the correct symbol:

"This is how the cover should have looked," the tweet read. "We apologize for the mistake." Express may soon learn, however, that the Internet never forgets.