Unusual food order request on receipt goes viral

Oftentimes when we're sick, we want someone to take care of us -- but have you ever asked a restaurant to help nurse you back to health?

One customer in Northern Ireland did just that with a fish and chips eatery. Feeleys Chippy, which serves fish and chips and pizza, received an odd requests in the "add comments" section to their delivery form:

"Will you please stop in spar [Irish store] on the way and get me benylin cold and flu tablets and Ill [sic] give you the money," the note read, "only ordering food so I can get the tablets Im [sic] dying sick."

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The poor customer wanted the deliveryman to pick up cold medication on the way to their home; they did not even want food, they just needed a way to receive the medication.

The receipt went viral, garnering thousands of likes and shares.

Feeleys Chippy honored the request, and shared it on Facebook:

"Only the best service here at Feeleys," the brand wrote.