Twitter fight between creationist and Washington Post gets weird

By Josh King, Buzz60

Twitter has seen its fair share of fights over the years, but creationist Ken Ham's battle over dinosaurs with The Washington Post may be by far one of the strangest yet.

The Washington Post published an article saying that Ham's enormous Noah's Ark attraction in Kentucky teaches that dinosaurs died in the biblical flood.

Ham, a creationist believing that the world is only 6,000 years old, took great offense to this notion and fired back at the publication tweeting: "Hey @washingtonpost we at @ArkEncounter have NEVER said Dinosaurs were wiped out during Flood-get your facts right."

He proceeded to send several tweets to The Washington Post to show his disapproval of their interpretation of the exhibit.

The attraction displays dinosaurs in cages alongside many other animals but doesn't actually say that all dinosaurs died in the flood, which its group believes occurred 4,300 years ago.

For most scientists, it is a widely held belief that dinosaurs went extinct 65 million years ago for a combination of reasons.

While the battle of creationism vs. evolution rages on, so does Twitter's reputation as the battleground for some of today's wackiest arguments.

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