'Single people ban' sparks controversy in one US city

By Nicholas Cardona, Buzz60

Playgrounds, a symbol of childhood innocence, are at the center of a raging debate in Los Angeles, California.

The debate is over where to draw the line between protecting children and limiting individual freedoms.

Los Angeles City Councilman Mitch O'Farrell wants to ban adults who do not have children with them from hanging out in L.A. parks.

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O'Farrell says people are complaining about drug dealers in parks. He wants adults ticketed if they do not have kids with them while at the park.

Opponents have pointed out that this would include anyone sitting on a bench, walking a dog or taking their lunch break in the park. In addition, there are already state laws in place against loitering on a playground or school.

The city council is expected to hold a vote on the motion next year.