Rescuer finds 19 puppies abandoned in box

Unfortunately, far too many owners simply abandon their pets in public places when they don't want them or can't take care of them for a variety of reasons.

Recently, a woman named Julie Newman heard some noise during her jog at Hines Park in Plymouth, Michigan and that's when she found 19 puppies in a box.

A press release by the Humane Society of Huron Valley (HSHV) notes, "The box filled with 4-week old puppies was under a tree, about three feet from the jogging path, in an area Newman believes is difficult to see from the road. The top was open, the nine male and 10 female pups were climbing over each other trying to get out, and the cardboard was soaked with urine."

Newman, with the help of her sister, took the puppies to the humane society where they are currently being cared for and will be available for adoption at a later date.

The news release further states, "Based on the number and appearance of pups, HSHV believes there is more than one litter of pit bull terrier mixed breed puppies."

HSHV is asking for assistance in identifying the person responsible for leaving the dogs behind.