Man injured as leopard escapes netting in India


At least one man suffered serious injuries on Monday, January 2nd when locals and wildlife authorities attempted to trap a leopard which had strayed into a residential area in West Bengal, India, Indian news agency ANI said.

The footage shows a group of men struggling to trap the animal using a net before it becomes free and runs off, in the town Raiganj.

"Many efforts were made to capture a leopard which entered the residential area, but it gave us a slip. One man got injured. As of now, we don't know if we can recapture as we don't know its whereabouts," said Sumit Nandi, a volunteer of animal rights organization People for Animals.

The injured man was treated at a nearby hospital.

Wild animals like leopards, panthers and elephants often cause damage, and even claim lives, in villages bordering forest areas as they often stray into inhabited areas in search of food.

The increasing human population has depleted the habitat of wild animals forcing them to stray into human settlements.