Pit bull attacks family during attempt to dress him in a Christmas sweater

An attempt to dress a pit bull mix in a Christmas sweater went horribly awry on Friday.

The dog, named Scarface, did not take well to the actions of his owner, 52-year-old Brenda Guerrero of Tampa, and sunk its teeth into her arm, reports PEOPLE.

Her husband and 22-year-old son were also attacked when they attempted to help Guerrero.

Subsequently, the son stabbed the dog twice, giving the three time to flee the backyard of their house, notes the Tampa Bay Times.

Tampa police and Hillsborough County Animal Control arrived not long after and tried to subdue Scarface with a tranquilizer gun, but were unsuccessful.

The dog went inside the home, which was occupied by two children.

Authorities were finally able to get the pet under control by adding a Taser and a bean bag gun to their arsenal, reports WFLA.

Those attacked received medical care at an area hospital and none of their wounds are considered life threatening.

The fate of the canine is unknown at this time.