New poll: Many Americans lack confidence in Trump to handle presidential duties

Inauguration Day will soon be upon us -- but based on a Gallup poll released on Monday, most Americans are not hopeful that good things will follow.

In various categories, Donald Trump's confidence ratings lag behind those of the most recent incoming presidents.

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Only 46 percent said they believe Trump is capable of handing a crisis of the international variety and just 47 percent have a positive view of his ability to use the military wisely.

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When asked about the likelihood that the soon-to-be president will enjoy an administration free of significant scandals, 44 percent indicated they foresee such a thing happening.

The percentages earned by Barack Obama, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton in those areas were, on average, no less than 70 percent.

Trump fared a bit better on matters involving the economy and working with Congress, garnering 59 percent and 60 percent, respectively.

The poll was conducted between December 7 and 11 and involved 1,028 randomly chosen adults.