Mom dies after falling off ski-lift with her two daughters

A mom of two died when she and her two daughters fell 25-feet off of a ski-lift in Colorado on Thursday morning, according to police.

Kelly Huber, 40, and her two daughters, 9 and 12 years old, were vacationing from Texas when the fall occurred at the Ski Granby Branch, reports said.

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Huber was pronounced dead at the hospital a short time later while her 12-year-old daughter has since been treated and released from the hospital. Her 9-year-old daughter was injured as well but her condition remains unknown.

Authorities said they are not sure what caused the fall and they are investigating.

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It's reportedly the first chairlift fall in Colorado in 14 years and the resort's first-ever.

"It's really important to understand how rare something like this is," he said of such falls. "It's always tragic when there's a serious injury or fatality, but ... these don't happen very often," said Chris Linsmayer, spokesman for Colorado Ski Country USA.

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