New Mexico store under fire for reported sign 'Obama & other muslims not welcome here'

A business in New Mexico is under fire for reportedly posting controversial messages around its storefront.

On Friday, KOB published a story about a convenience store in the town of Mayhill which has a notice posted on its door reportedly stating, "Obama & other Muslims Not welcome here."

In the report, Marlon McWilliams, a former employee, indicated that similar signs have been posted for a long time, and, in fact, are sold to customers who are interested in them.

Many users on social media have posted comments slamming the establishment. One Facebook commentator noted, in part, "By posting a sign that states that only certain people can enter your convenience store, you are participating in the same discrimination that we worked so hard to eliminate many years ago."

Last year, a Reddit user called attention to an image of the store's other windows which were plastered with incendiary signs including one that states, "Kill Obama" in larger letters and "care" in small print below it.

According to KOB, the store's owner has not yet issued a public statement about the controversy.