Top space discoveries from 2016

By Patrick Jones, Buzz60

2016 was an incredible year for discoveries in space. You've probably even forgotten some of the amazing things we now know. Let me refresh your memory. According to, here are the top discoveries about space from 2016.

We'll start off with two things that aren't solved yet but are incredibly interesting, and 2016 saw a lot of research go in their direction.

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One of those is that star once thought to have an alien megastructure around it. Well, theory after theory continues to fail to explain why it's dimming.

Also several studies were aimed at dark matter and they came up empty.

We did learn that Makemake, a dwarf planet in the Kuiper belt, has its own moon, though it's hard to spot considering how dim it is.

We learned Mars has as much ice as there is water in Lake Superior, and that there may be water plumes on Jupiter's moon of Europa.

The biggest discovery by far, though, is that of gravitational waves, thought to be from two black holes colliding a very long time ago.

It essentially proves that time and space are linked and that Albert Einstein, who predicted their existence, is one of the brightest minds ever. As if we needed further proof of that.