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It's been a year full of amazing, innovative tech, but what tech product topped them all? You guessed it: the dashcam! The dashcam is transforming the way we drive by providing drivers with an extra witness on the road. Here are a few reasons people will be buying up dashcams in 2016 and beyond.

1. Car Accidents

Sometimes telling your side of the story just doesn't cut it. With a dashcam, you'll always have a witness to reveal what really happened.

2. Insurance Disputes

More and more insurance companies are accepting dashcam footage as a legitimate source of evidence. Footage of an accident could save you thousands and thousands of dollars. Dashcam footage is even helping fight insurance fraud - i.e. those nasty accidents caused just to cheat the system!

3. Parking Lot Mishaps

Hit-and-runs are an unfortunate part of life on the road, and especially life in a parking lot. With a dashcam, you'll have the proof you need to show an accident DID occur and maybe even catch the culprit.

4. Hilariously Unexpected Moments

One of the best reasons to own a dashcam is to catch those unexpected hilarious moments. Man singing Taylor Swift in the middle of the street? Hilarious license plate? You'll have proof of it all.

5. Road Trips

Sometimes the most gorgeous road trips exist only in your memories because you're busy keeping your eyes on the road! With a dashcam, you can always turn back the clock on your favorite trips.

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