Mysterious radio signals detected by scientists

Scientists are detecting radio burst, and some believe they may be coming from advanced aliens who are trying to say hello to us on Earth.

Over the planet, there are several radio telescopes and what they're listening for are, "fast radio bursts," which are exactly what they sound like.

A report in the Astrophysical Journal alleges there have been 17 bursts coming from what seems to be the same source believed to be three billion lights years away in the constellation known as Auriga.

This is significant because it is the only time we've seen or heard fast radio bursts coming from the same source.

The source now has a name, it's been dubbed "FRB 121102." Several eyes and ears on earth have detected the radio bursts.

A team of scientists who published the report is saying the source is most likely a young neutron star buried in a star forming region, or the debris from a supernova.

However, it is fun to have unexplained phenomenon like this, since it is exciting to think about what it would mean that humanity on earth was not alone in our universe.

Hopefully, science will eventually prove that to be true.

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