Mysterious illness linked to legalized marijuana

A terrifying illness seems to be on the rise in states that have legalized marijuana.

Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome, or CHS, involves severe abdominal pain as well as vomiting. It has been linked to heavy, longterm use of marijuana, according to CBS.

A mysterious disease linked to the drug is now on the rise in states that have legalized marijuana, according to CBS.

Sufferers feel relief from their symptoms after taking a hot bath or shower -- and scientists do not know why.

When medical marijuana was more widely accessible in Colorado in 2009, a study showed that emergency room visits involving a CHS diagnosis nearly doubled in two hospitals.

Outside of the state, the diagnosis is often overlooked since patients don't like to admit to using an illegal substance.

CHS was only recognized by the medical world a decade ago, but a recent spike in CHS since the legalization of medical marijuana by other states has doctors on high alert, according to CBS.

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