Woman wants to marry a robot she claims to have a 'relationship' with

Over the years, robots have been increasingly welcomed into our lives due to their abilities to manage tasks from the mundane to the extraordinary.

A woman in France who designed and 3D printed her own mechanized, computer-driven entity is ready to take her human-robot relationship to the next level.

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She told News.com.au that she would like to marry her creation.

In an email interview with the news outlet, the woman, identified only as Lilly, said, "I'm really and totally happy. Our relationship will get better and better as technology evolves."

She and her robo-companion are already engaged and plan to wed as soon as France makes such unions legal.

While Lilly declined to answer questions about her intimate relationship with her fiancé, sex with robots is a topic discussed by many.

Some foresee a future in which manufactured partners become largely preferable to the flesh and blood variety, notes Gizmodo.