The internet has been destroyed by this optical illusion of six girls with only five pairs of legs


Alright, internet.

Grab your spectacles and help us answer a very important question -- what the hell is going on in this photo?

While at first glance, everything in this image of six smiling Green Bay Packers fans may appear normal, we can assure you something is most definitely off.

Shift your attention to the third woman from the left -- do you see it now?

If you look closely, you'll notice there are six women ... but only FIVE pairs of legs.

While there are multiple 'proposed' solutions presented in the Reddit thread, most of them are clearly meant as jokes and do nothing to actually explain our confusion.

"Maybe she's a couch-centaur?" one user commented.

"Is that the Grim Reaper poking its head up between girl #3 and girl #4?" noted another keen user.

According to Reddit user Canadian_Ireland, the real explanation behind the mind-numbing 'illusion' is actually quite simple.

"The second girls legs are behind first girls legs," they wrote.

Another user jumped in to share a brightened version of the image where it's easier to see what is actually happening.


Thank goodness, because the thought of a couch-centaur would've probably kept us up for weeks.

(h/t Business Insider)

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