Honolulu café hangs sign banning Trump voters

Honolulu's well-loved Café 8 ½ is getting a little less public affection than it's used to.

Many have lashed out at the eatery due to a sign hanging on the establishment's door, notes Fox News.

It reads, "If you voted for Trump you cannot eat here! No Nazis."

Some of those angered by the message have taken to Facebook.

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One user commented, "Posts sign on the door saying Trump voters not welcome, Nazis...........hmmmm wasn't it the Nazis that posted signs saying who was/was not welcome?"

Another noted, "Never in a million years would I set foot in a such a hate filled discriminatory place to eat."

Jali Warner, one of the café's owners, explained that the sign is more of a statement than a policy, as no one is being asked to reveal their candidate of choice.