Adorable video shows baby elephant slipping down muddy bank again and again

Hard work and determination are key factors for success, even for elephants.

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Bob Lee, an elephant curator at the Oregon Zoo, shared a video he filmed showing a baby elephant trying again and again to climb up a muddy bank.

Lee caught the adorable footage while on a trip to the Asian island of Borneo and then shared it with his zoo's Facebook page.

There were moments when the baby elephant looked as if it was going to give up, but the humans around cheered it on. After trying to get over the slippery patch six times, the baby finally made it over to drier land with the rest of its herd.

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Lee was in Borno to meet with wildlife officials and conservationists about how the palm oil industry is leaving some baby elephants orphaned. According to the zoo, the industry has affected elephants' habitats through Asia, forcing many into conflict with people or without homes.

For more about their trip, visit the zoo's website here.

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