Trump's Christmas tweet leaves many underwhelmed and a bit confused

On Sunday, Donald Trump tweeted out a Merry Christmas wish, but his choice of image and rather generic message left many underwhelmed and a bit confused.

The photo shows him raising a fist in the air as he walks past a decorated tree.

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Further, Trump, who typically has no problems hitting the 140-character limit, simply wrote, "#MerryChristmas."

One Twitter user noted, "'s Christmas Day and you post a picture of...YOURSELF. No mention of peace, hope, family, or Christ? #unpresidented."

Another commented, "I also love that it's just him, no family, no warmth, just a tiny fist and a tree."

The fist in particular drew numerous tweets, including, "Oh Donald I know you think that looks handsome, but do one without the smug look and fist in the air," and, "I'm glad I'm not the only one who found the tiny fist an odd gesture."

Trump did tweet another holiday message hours later writing, "Merry Christmas and a very, very, very, very Happy New Year to everyone!"

That one, though it contained more words, did not include an image.

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