The single best way to spend your holiday cash

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If your holiday gifts this year consisted mostly of Visa and Amex gift cards, we found you the perfect item to splurge on. Amazon Echo and Google Home can move over because Invoxia Triby is the coolest speaker of the year, and brings twice the functionality.

Like what, you ask? Say hello to Alexa because your favorite virtual assistant is built-in to this great looking piece of tech. She'll set a timer while you're cooking (and your hands are smeared with butter), play your favorite song or even check on the weather when you just ask.

Inoxia Triby is equipped with a magnet so you can conveniently place it on the fridge, and its display screen lets you leave notes and doodles for family members.

Take calls and play tunes with its quality speaker system, and choose between four great colors to match your kitchen decor. Best of all, Inoxia Triby retails for $199, but is currently on sale for just $129.99 (cheaper than the Echo). Snag yours today and make your kitchen a smart kitchen in 2017!

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