ICYMI: Russia finds military plane's black box, George Michael's ex-partner speaks out, Trump Christmas tweet causes stir

Russia finds first black box from Black Sea plane crash
Russia has found the first flight recorder from a military plane that crashed into the Black Sea killing all 92 on board, the Defence Ministry said on Tuesday ... read more.

George Michael's ex-partner Kenny Goss releases statement on singer's death as fans gather to pay tribute
After George Michael's shocking death on Christmas Day, friends, family and fans are sharing their tributes to the legendary singer ... read more.

Trump's Christmas tweet leaves many underwhelmed and a bit confused
On Sunday, Donald Trump tweeted out a Merry Christmas wish, but his choice of image and rather generic message left many underwhelmed and a bit confused ... read more.

Fights, false reports of gunfire force malls to shut down across US
Fights, disturbances and false reports of gunfire caused chaotic scenes and shut down several malls across the United States on Monday during the typically ... read more.

This latest Trump appointee may worry Social Security recipients
The importance of Social Security for our nation's retired workers simply can't be overstated. Though the average payout, as of November 2016, of $1,355 to the nearly ... read more.

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