Editor's Book Club: 5 can't-miss new releases

We all love a good Netflix binge, but there are few things better than a Sunday in bed curled up with a good book. Finding the perfect read is not always easy though. With so many books out there, it's hard to narrow down what is worth the read. These 5 new-releases have been on the radar here at AOL.

Get to know the story behind the women that contributed to some of NASA's major space successes -- and check it out on the big screen this month. 
Learn the ins and out of how to represent yourself and your brand online with this smart read. 
Read the Rogue One story in novel form and then see it in theaters this month for the ultimate Star Wars experience. 
Get your Jack Ryan fix with the latest, thrilling installment in Mark Greaney's series; this time, Jack's threats may be closer to home than he thinks.
The final book in The Guardians Trilogy -- follow the six guardians on their intense search for the Star of Ice.

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