China sets eyes on reaching Mars by 2020

By Angeli Kakade, Buzz60

China has released its ambitious space strategy for the next five years.

It includes soft landing a probe on the dark side of the moon and a probe into Mars by 2020, with the goal of bringing back samples of the red planet.

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In a white paper released Tuesday, China has set its eyes on increasing the development of the space industry running parallel to the goal of China's president to become a space power.

In a press conference, the deputy administrator of China National Space Administration said China, "would like to work with the international community" in this effort "on the basis of equality and mutual benefit, the peaceful use of of outer space."

Despite the US and Russia having decades more experience exploring space, China has been quick to catch up.

Among other achievements, the country sent its first crew into space in 2003 and landed a rover on the moon.