Cancer-stricken man wins a year's worth of pizza and donates it to local food bank

Josh Katrick had just finished his eighth round of chemo to treat colon cancer when he received the news that he'd won a year's worth of pizza from one of his favorite restaurants.

The 36-year-old had been visiting the Pennsylvania shop since he was a kid and won the raffle that 1,200 others had entered.

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But instead of keeping the prize of two pizzas and a free two-liter soda per month from Mario's Pizza for himself, Katrick decided to pay-it-forward.

"I was stoked," Katrick told "It was my Friday afternoon and just finished a round of chemo. My [next] reaction is, 'what am I going to do with all this pizza?'"

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Katrick decided to donate the pizza to a local food bank. He said it was the kindness that others showed to him during his treatments that prompted the gesture.

"I got so much love and support from people I didn't know," Katrick said. "This was my opportunity to give back to people I don't know. All that pizza was overkill for me. I didn't want to see it go to waste."

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Once the owner of the pizza shop learned of Katrick's gift, however, he decided to give the prize to both Katrick and the local food bank.

"It took me a couple steps back when he said he wanted to give it away," said Frank Grigoli, the shop owner's son. "When he told me the food bank, he broke my heart in a good way. He is such a genuine guy."

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