Trump taps senior aide to write inauguration speech

President-elect Donald Trump has tapped senior aide Stephen Miller, who wrote most of Trump's campaign speeches, to author his inaugural address, Politico reported on Monday.

Miller has reportedly started composing an initial draft of the speech with Trump's transition team, touching upon major themes such as border security, jobs and outsourcing, and the economy.

The speech will frame "Trump's first-term agenda in more nationalistic than ideological terms," Politico reporter Shane Goldmacher reported.

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Miller, Trump's incoming senior White House adviser for policy, has been a major speechwriter throughout the campaign.

One of his most notable speeches was Trump's address at the Republican National Convention where the then-presidential candidate declared "I alone can fix it" when accepting the party nomination. Many critics, including BI's Josh Barro, deemed it "dark, depressing, and paranoid."