NYPD raid the wrong house, posts photo to Snapchat

A family in Brooklyn is outraged over not just being wrongly handcuffed while the police spent hours searching their home, but also because those officers posted photos of the cuffed family on Snapchat with the caption, "Merry Christmas its NYPD!"

The officer who posted the image has been suspended without pay according to the NYPD.

According to the family, the police were searching the wrong home, though the NYPD denies this. They claim they had a warrant for that home but they have not released who it was they were looking for.

The Santiago family were at home with friends when the police knocked on their door at approximately 6:30 am on Thursday. They were shown the warrant and allowed the officers to search the apartment.

The officers handcuffed everyone and searched the home for three hours.

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As the family sat waiting for the search to end Kimberly Santiago claims she saw one of the officers hovering around them and doing something with his phone.

'We thought he was texting on his phone,' she said.

Then, when the ordeal was over she saw an image on her family on Snapchat. It was under the New York Stories section.

There was later a second picture of the cuffed family posted that said, "Warrant sweeps Its [sic] still a party smh."

"The things that he wrote, it's like, this what you all do?' said Santiago. 'If he did that picture, how many other families he's done that to? And he was the only one standing there watching us. You're letting the whole world know you're a crooked cop and you don't take your job serious."

The family went on to call 911 over the incident.

"I felt violated, embarrassed, everything in the book,' she stated. 'He doesn't deserve to be a police officer. If he does that, what else is he doing on the low that nobody knows?"

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