Church accidentally prints lyrics to profane song instead of religious text

Churchgoers attending a mid-December Christmas carol service in Colombo, Sri Lanka got quite a surprise as they flipped through the event's booklet.

CNN notes that "what they expected was the words to the Hail Mary, a common Christian prayer. What they got instead was the profanity-laced lyrics to rap legend Tupac Shakur's Hail Mary."

The words penned by Shakur are most definitely not safe for church, containing a great deal of profanity and references to violence, drugs, and non-marital sex.

Upon discovering the error, Andrew Choksy, one of the churchgoers, did what many in his situation would have done – he swiftly took a picture of the page and sent it to numerous friends.

Before long, the image made it onto the Internet and there has been no stopping it since.

The church was made aware of the issue and has offered an apology and an explanation.

It seems the young person charged with printing the words to the prayer inadvertently published the Tupac lyrics.