Baby receives liver just minutes after being placed on transplant list

A Wisconsin family is counting their blessings after they experienced the Christmas miracle of a lifetime.

The McCabe family's five-month old, Daniel, received a liver just 40 minutes after doctors at Lurie's Children Hospital in Chicago placed him on the transplant list.

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Daniel was born with a rare liver disease, and he needed the transplant to save his life. His surgery was successful, and Daniel is currently recovering at the hospital.

Daniel's doctor, Riccardo Superina, says Daniel is one of the smallest transplant patients the hospital has ever operated on - weighing in at less than 9 pounds. The organ came from a 30 year old donor. The liver was split into 2 - one piece was given to Daniel, and the other was given to an adult patient.

Daniel's mother, Melody, says the donation was "the greatest gift" she could have been given this year.