Men mistakenly receive letters to Santa, start fulfilling the wishes

Years ago, Jim Glaub, who lived on Manhattan's 22nd Street, started receiving letters addressed to Santa, reports PEOPLE.

The previous tenants had told him that could happen, so as the 3 or 4 a year trickled in, he didn't pay much attention to them.

However, over the years the number of letters surged, prompting Glaub and his now-husband, Dylan Parker, to rethink the just-ignore-it approach.

In 2010, they received roughly 400 letters and started working to fulfill the wishes expressed in them, notes ABC News.

They turned to friends, asking them to pitch in.

The couple has since set up a Facebook group called Miracle on 22nd Street, and now people around the globe are making sure every child who writes receives something.

Though Glaub and Parker now live in London, the current residents of the Manhattan apartment are helping ensure the Santa mail gets to those who make 22nd Street miracles happen.

As for how the address became a North Pole satellite location, nobody knows.