Strange object found in potato chips

You've heard plenty of stories about people finding gross things in their food -- but how creepy is it when you literally have no idea what you've found?

Well, 33-year-old Richard Noon can tell you.

He popped open a bag of Burts Potato Chips to find a strange brown lump in the packet.

"We found it in a sealed bag in my local pub," Noon told Mashable. "It is large, so took up most of the packet — it was pretty much just sat there!"

Noon said he has no idea what it is.

His best theory is that it's a "clump of something that has fallen off a machine during cooking."

"Maybe a lump of seasoning or something, it is quite heavy and curved on the inside," he told Mashable. "I'm surprised their QA (Quality Assurance) processes didn't spot it (i.e. weight control, etc.)."

Noon said Bursts Chips has contacted him on social media, and they are investigating.

"They didn't say what it was, they are sending an envelope out to send it back to them," he told Mashable.

A spokesperson contacted Mashable and gave a statement:

We take food safety and quality very seriously and are sorry for any upset caused. The lump is likely a cluster of overcooked potato chips which have unfortunately slipped through our quality checks, as a direct result of this we will be increasing the frequency of checks made by our team of fryers so this does not happen again.

Hopefully, they not a chicken head.