Six babies born to firefighters pose for fire station Christmas card: 'They came out like superstars'


Considering themselves one big happy family, a small fire station in Oklahoma has arranged a special Christmas card featuring the six babies born to its firefighters this year.

The Durant Fire Department gathered all the babies to pose with their dad's uniforms.

Richard Parker, a former professional photographer, volunteered to help take the Christmas photos.

The babies were rolling, stumbling and drooling all over the station, so the precious Christmas card wasn't easy, but for the most part, they held the poses.

"The babies were cooperative and although it was pretty difficult to have all six babies look at the camera, it was all worth it," Parker told

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Helping Parker were the doting parents trying to keep the babies' gazes on the camera by making silly faces, whistling and even dancing.

All of the babies were born between February and June, including Lt. Cliff Wilson's son, Gus.

"It was a nightmare trying to [get] them to pose because some of the babies still didn't know how to sit on their own, so it took some teamwork from the guys and their moms to make sure they came out like superstars," Lt. Wilson told "They definitely brought out the Christmas spirit."

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In one picture, the babies are laid out on top of their fathers' jackets. In another photo, they are lined up in front of their daddies' red firetruck.

With an amazing amount of cuteness, the Christmas card has garnered a positive response from the community and begs the question: Will the kids follow in their fathers' footsteps?

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