Lawsuit filed over price of McDonald's value meal

Getting a good value warms the hearts of many, but feeling cheated can stoke the fires of outrage.

A man in the Chicago area is among the angry, and his issue is with a number of Cook and Lake County McDonald's franchises owned by Karis Management Company.

The Daily Herald reports that James Gertie is suing the outposts' owner for calling a two cheeseburger, medium fries, and beverage combo an 'Extra Value Meal' when the items can be purchased individually for 41 cents less.

Gertie said that between October 14 and November 13 he visited a number of the area McDonald's under the Karis umbrella.

He found the price of the value meal exceeded the a la carte total at no less than 5 of the franchises.

USA Today notes that "Gertie, a bus driver, says his lawsuit filed this month is about principle, not 41 cents. "

The media outlet further notes that "he seeks class-action status for a consumer fraud and deceptive practices lawsuit against McDonald's operator Karis Management."

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