Artists create incredible structures at the 2016 International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival

When most people think of their favorite winter activity, things like ice-skating, skiing, and sledding come to mind for many individuals. Those incredibly skilled and creative few take their love for the frosty and frozen to the next level with larger than life sculptures.

At the annual Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival dedicated artists spend weeks preparing for the event that will last two to three months. This particular festival is one of the four largest of its kind in the world! Taking place in China since the early 1980s, the yearly event has grown to be much more than just incredible sculptures. When the festival opens on January 5th you can also enjoy many of their other interesting activities such as; wedding ceremonies on ice, winter swimming competitions, speed skating, and several other exciting spectacles.

The sculptures for this year's festival are almost complete! Check out the impressive detail that goes into building these works of art above.

The festival draws people from all over the world each year, and there's still time to schedule a trip! For more information on how to get there and tours click here.

Sources : Ice Festival Harbin