Watch: The moment husband of missing 'Bridalplasty' contestant was given bad news about his wife

The husband of the slain E! reality star was notified by police after the discovery of his wife, Lisa Marie Naegle, whose nude body was found in a shallow grave as Inside Edition cameras were rolling.

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Derek Harryman received a phone call from cops during an interview with Inside Edition Tuesday. They told him there was a break in the case and he needed to come to the precinct right away.

Police say Jackie Jerome Rogers, a student of Naegle's, told them he was having an affair with Naegle and beat her to death with a hammer when she tried to end their relationship.

He added that cops could find her body buried in his backyard.

Naegle, 36, once competed for a plastic surgery makeover with other brides-to-be on the show Bridalplasty in 2010.

Her sister, Danielle, told Inside Edition that Naegle, a nursing instructor, went to the party with one of her students — 34-year-old Rogers.

"Lisa was a fun, outgoing, loving, girl who liked to be the life of the party," Danielle said.

She told her husband she was going to a friend's 40th birthday party in Alpine Village in Torrance, California, late Saturday night. She called him just after 2 a.m. saying she was going to grab a bite to eat before heading home.

When the former reality star didn't come home, her distraught family raised the alarm. They started their own investigation, confronting Rogers about what happened that night. He told them they did not leave the party together.

"He told us his story 15 to 20 times," Danielle said.

But other family members uncovered a surveillance video that shows Naegle and Rogers in a parking lot leaving the party together.

"It clearly shows him leaving with my sister. My sister gets into his car," Danielle said.

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The crucial evidence was turned over to police and Rogers taken into custody.

Danielle says the hard work of her husband and her family led to Rogers' confession, telling Inside Edition: "If it was your daughter, your mom, your family member, you would do the same."

Rodgers is being held at $2 million bond. His arraignment, which the victim's family plans to attend, is slated for Thursday.

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