Uber customer accidentally charged over $28,000 for the ride


Sometimes, if it's way too late in the night, or you're wearing heels, or you're way too tired -- you take Uber. In the moment it may be a blessing -- but then you look at the bill and have some regrets. One woman's Uber bill, however, was a lot more than most.

One anonymous Philadelphia Uber customer was charged exactly $28,639.14 for a ride. The charge was flagged by her bank. At first, Uber contacted her to say that her account was hacked. Six days later, however, the company informed her that her account had "not been compromised."

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"This was never processed as a payment, and our engineering team has been made aware of this error," Uber told her in an email.

According to Uber, drivers themselves don't have access to customers' payment information. The company then described what happened as a "glitch" occurring to a "handful" of customers. The glitch causes a held authorization -- that usually happens when someone requests a ride -- to be a much larger charge than usual.

Uber says engineers are working to fix this glitch.